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It is our goal to create a customized hairstyle & flawless makeup application that enhances your natural beauty and gives you a polished look, portraying the best version of you. We listen closely to our clients, and ask the right questions, as well as give our expert advice to achieve your desired look. You will leave our chair confident and feeling your very best, we guarantee it!

ct makeup artist pam
Pamela | Owner | Lead Makeup Artist

Pamela has had artistic talent since before she could even walk. Her whole life she knew that she would make something out of her creativity and artistic abilities! Out of high school, Pamela joined the Navy and served our country for six years. She attributes her discipline, time management skills, and attention to detail to her time spent serving in the Navy. After a six month deployment and being away from her, at the time, one-year-old daughter, she knew her responsibilities as a mother came first. It was then she received an honorable discharge, and decided to get a degree in Sonography and become an Ultrasound Tech...

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ct makeup artist vanessa
Vanessa | Makeup Artist

Vanessa has loved makeup since she was a little girl. She can remember sitting at the kitchen table and watching in awe as her mother created the most glamorous looks. Vanessa would look on as her mother would create a flawless smoky eye with a few effortless flicks of her wrist. That was all it took for Vanessa to know what she wanted to do when she grew up...

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ct makeup artist bonne
Bonne | Makeup Artist

Growing up, Bonne’s early years were consumed with both dance and soccer. It wasn’t until she was in 8th grade that she discovered she enjoyed playing with makeup too...

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ct makeup artist katie
Katie | Makeup Artist

Katie has had the desire to be creative and express herself artistically since she was a child. While she is certified in makeup through the Marinello School of Beauty, Katie went to college for musical theater at the Hartt School of Music. Katie enjoys art in all its forms and while she loves harmonizing with her favorite songs, expressing herself through makeup is her favorite form.

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ct makeup artist ashley
Ashley | Makeup Artist

Ashley grew up in a house full of women, which surely contributes to her self-admitted girly-girl persona. She has always been very creative and while she began her career in marketing, Ashley has been lucky enough to change her path and start a new career in the CT bridal beauty industry.

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ct makeup artist christine
Christine | Makeup Artist

Like a true makeup lover, Christine’s interest in makeup artistry began long before her career in makeup did. Her interest in makeup started, like most girls, in high school. Christine was in the color guard and can remember always showing up with fun stage makeup. It didn’t take long for her teammates to want the same look. Before competitions, all her teammates would line up in the bathroom or on the bus waiting for their turn getting one of Christine’s perfected cut crease with winged eyeliner look...

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ct makeup artist ashley
Jenn | Makeup Artist

Jennifer has been working in the makeup industry for eight years but her passion for makeup began as a teenager. After many years of practice, her first paid job was doing makeup for a friend’s wedding in 2010. Fast forward eight years later, and Jennifer has become well established in the industry through simple word of mouth referrals. She has done makeup for countless photo shoots, weddings, and proms. Jennifer’s work has even been published in the Hampton’s WellWed Magazine in 2013.

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ct makeup artist christine
Ashley M | Makeup Artist

With a passion for creativity, I’ve been involved in the Beauty industry since 2013. My mission is to offer my clients everything they need to feel and look their best through all services. As a qualified professional, I guarantee to be attentive to all of your needs. I use only the best equipment, techniques, and technology to ensure that everything I do for clients is handled with the utmost care.

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ct makeup artist lurlyne
Abbe | Hairstylist

My name is Abbe and I was born and raised in New York. I am currently living in Glastonbury, CT with my husband, two daughters, and two dogs. Since graduating from college, I pursued a teaching career but always had a passion for the hair and beauty industry. Even as a teenager, I worked for my brother-in-law in his upscale salon in Huntington, NY. It wasn’t until later in life that I decided to reinvent myself and chase my dream.

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ct makeup artist amber
Shirley | Hair Stylist

I am a hairstylist with a unique sense of style who has been working with all types of hair for over 10 years. Throughout the years I have mastered a wide range of hair techniques and I continue to advance my education on the latest trends.

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ct makeup artist amber
Amber | Hair Stylist

Amber didn’t always have her sights set on being a hair stylist but did enjoy consistently changing up her hair in highschool. It wasn’t until she lived through every girl’s nightmare, when she hated her hair-do for her junior prom, that she realized she did have the talent to become a professional stylist. After her bad junior prom experience, Amber took matters into her own hands for her Senior prom...

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ct makeup artist kellie
Kellie | Hair Stylist

There wasn’t any particular moment or event that convinced Kellie that hair was going to be her end game, she just knew all along that it is what she was meant to do. As her mother will tell you, Kellie was born with a hairbrush in her hand. Growing up, she always did her own hair and eventually started styling her friends too. After high school, her mother convinced her styling could be her career so she enrolled at the International Institute of Cosmetology and the rest is history!..

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ct makeup artist carly
Carly | Hair Stylist

Carly has been doing hair since she can remember but initially thought her career path would be in graphic design. She liked to do hair but loved creating websites and logos. It took a little while for Carly to decide the path she would take. After high school, Carly moved around a bit and didn’t have the opportunity to start college right away. She spent time in Virginia and Rhode Island and while she was moving from state to state, she was going back and forth in her mind about what she wanted her future to look like...

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ct makeup artist Tori
Tori | Makeup Assistant

Tori never had a clue she would grow up to become a Makeup Artist, although she has always loved anything to do with makeup. Currently, Tori is a cosmetology student attending Oliver Wolcott Technical High School working towards obtaining her cosmetology license.

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ct makeup artist Liz
Liz | Makeup Assistant

I was born in the Philippines and immigrated to America when I was 4 years old with very humble beginnings. I grew up in Groton / Mystic CT with a family of 5. I have two older brothers, which being the only girl made me into a tomboy for a better part of my teen years. I was constantly playing sports and hung out with the guys. I loved playing rough and getting dirty. When I look back at the person I was then and how I present myself now; I never would have imagined that tomboy becoming...

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ct makeup assistant Kylie
Kylie | Makeup Assistant

There is not a day when you won't find me on social media catching up on the beauty finds. I played with makeup any chance I got and eventually studied stage makeup. I took further avenues and started my studies for bridal and event makeup once I graduated...

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ct makeup blogger Michelle
Michelle | Blogger

My passion for writing started way back in High School. I was fortunate enough to have graduated from SUNY Purchase in New York in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and Minor in Literature. I am currently studying at University of Hartford, pursuing a graduate degree in Paralegal Studies so I can become more involved with legal issues from the inside and utilize writing...

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