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what is airbrush makeup

Airbrush makeup is a staple for any bridal makeup application! Airbrush makeup has so many benefits we always encourage our clients to choose our airbrush option. What makes it different than traditional makeup? A couple key benefits make it a no brainer.


It’s Hypoallergenic

This is for you ladies with sensitive skin. Listen up! An airbrush makeup application is completely hypoallergenic which makes it ideal for skin prone to breakouts or sensitivities to certain products. Airbrush foundation formulas are designed to suit even the most fickle of skin types. Make sure your makeup artist knows where you get oily and where you may get dry so they can customize coverage.

The foundation is applied in a super-fine mist from an airbrush gun. Your artist holds the nozzle just close enough to your face to apply the product in a way you just feel a light breezy feeling.

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It’s Flawless Coverage

Another thing about airbrush makeup, it’s totally buildable. Since the product is applied in a mist, additional coverage can be added in some areas where any blemishes or discoloration may want to be hidden. It’s like real-time photoshop! If you’re looking to achieve a very natural look, the perfectly blended effect caused by air compression when the foundation is for you. Our brides that never wear makeup but want to for your wedding, this is definitely for you!

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It’s Long-Lasting (Yes, Even in August!)

The big question when you book your wedding in the Summertime: what am I going to do when I sweat? Say no more. Airbrush makeup is designed for 16+ hours of wear even in the heat of Summer. Our artists primarily work in the Summer months and swear by airbrush makeup. Add a little setting spray and you’ll be good to dance all day (and night!) without worry about any product sweating off throughout. Keep in mind, like any makeup, it can be rubbed off and removed with traditional makeup remover products. So hands off until you’re ready for the night to end!


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I mean, can you even get more flawless?! There are different brands and machines your artist may have. Some of them may make a little noise. Don’t be alarmed! Our artists are trained to handle these technical devices in order to give you the best option for your skin and look. While we definitely feel sometimes traditional makeup is the way to go, we nearly ALWAYS recommend airbrush for that long-lasting, flawless coverage. Still need to schedule your bridal trial with our team? Check in on our availability for your wedding day!




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  1. Melissa

    Beautiful way to show off your artistic beauty talent…💕

  2. Lauren

    I had my makeup done by you for my friends wedding and it was flawless and amazing. I wish I had known about her for my wedding!

  3. Carly C

    This is great information, especially for someone like myself with ultra-sensitive skin! Awesome!

  4. Danielle S.

    Wow I didn’t realize airbrushed was the way to go for bridal makeup but it definitely makes sense for photos, especially in different lighting conditions!

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