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Wedding Testimonials
  • Elyza (4/19/2015 )

    "Pamela was so easy to work with. She was flexible easy to contact and made the stress of looking perfect not seem so daunting. I used airbrushing which felt light and easy all night. She and her fellow makeup artist were prompt and even finished early even though there was 8 of us."

  • Melissa (4/11/2015 )

    "Pam was absolutely awesome! She was so professional and beside that, she did such an amazing job! she listened to what everyone wanted and made it happen. Everyone was so happy with our make up and mine stayed on all day (even after dancing like crazy!) I would recommend her to everyone! I know I will use her for every event I ever have in the future and recommend her to all my friends! Thanks for being so easy and nice to work with!"

  • Anonymous (11/15/2014 )

    "It was so easy to schedule an appointment with Pam and she did an excellent job on my make-up, my sister's make-up, and my mother's make-up. We all received numerous compliments about how natural our make-up looked. Pam was completely professional and I love how I received reminders about appointments through email."

  • Alicia (9/19/2014 )

    "Pam was a delight to work with and was very accommodating, even when I didn't know quite what I wanted. Her work is flawless and my bridal party and I received many compliments throughout the day on our beautiful makeup. I would highly recommend Pamela to anyone looking for a professional makeup artist."

  • Lindsay (9/8/2014 )

    "Pam's setup makes you feel like a celebrity!"

  • Anonymous (7/28/2014 )

    "Pamela is a natural! I have already recommended her."

  • Erica (5/8/2014 )

    "PAM was incredible!!! I absolutely love her!! I'm picky with makeup and so is my mother, but we were both totally thrilled and in love with our makeup!!!! Pam was professional, calm and really listened to what I wanted. I felt totally confident and comfortable with her. she really is an artist. I absolutely recommended her and plan on using her again for every occasion!!! Love the airbrushing especially!!!"

  • Megan (4/26/2014 )

    "Pam was wonderful! Super flexible, easy to work with and get in touch with! and SO nice!!"

  • Maribeth (4/19/2014 )

    "Pam, Thank you for making me feel and look so beautiful on my wedding day!! You truly have an art and gift. My husband thought I looked very "classy". Your fun and caring personality put me at ease and was such a pleasure to work with:) You are an absolute sweetheart and I will never forget your kindness, especially in meeting me at the mall last minute to find the right color lipstick. You could hear the stress in my voice and didn't hesitate to help me out. You didn't just make me feel like a client but a friend too. You can be sure your name will be at the top of my list in referring you to friends. Thanks again for everything! Love, Maribeth"

  • Rachel (10/13/2013 )

    "After having spoken to a number of bridal makeup artists, I was exceptionally frustrated by their prices and, even more so, their attitudes. I am so beyond lucky that I found Pam after having been referred to her by Blo Dry Bar in West Hartford, CT. She is professional, sweet, patient, accommodating and, to top it off, a fabulous makeup artist! She was so good and so sweet that one of my bridesmaids who hadn't considered getting makeup decided at the last minute to have Pam work on her as well. She made everyone feel comfortable, even those who were wanting just a teeny bit of makeup for the big day and nothing dramatic. Pam always responds to emails and calls and always is exceptionally kind and pleasant. The thing that stuck out to me the most (beyond her fabulous work!) was that she realized I had overpaid her and she immediately got in touch with me to let me know. She refunded the money instantly. Her honesty combined with the rest of her skills, talent and personality have already translated into my multiple recommendations to other brides!"

  • Amanda (10/12/2013 )

    "Absolutely loved the way Pam did my makeup. It was beautiful and I felt like a princess (and I wasn't even the bride!). Plus, she was willing to listen to input from me and did my makeup exactly how I asked. She would be the first one I would recommend to anyone needing their makeup done for a special day (or a hot date!)."

  • Brittany (10/11/2013 )

    "Pam is absolutely amazing! I loved my makeup and my family and bridesmaids were very happy theirs! I highly recommend KiSSandMakeUp."

  • Anonymous (10/21/2013 )

    "Pam is a great makeup artist. She is so sweet and friendly! She has done my makeup for several occasions , never once has disappointed me. I will continue using her services."

  • Kayla (6/29/2013 )

    "Pam is amazing!!! She is extremely talented and professional. I had the opportunity to meet her prior to my wedding day to have a trial. She put me at ease and I knew right away I was in good hands! I highly recommend Pam and Kissandmakeup!!!"

  • Anonymous (5/21/2013 )

    "Pam did my makeup and makeup for my mother. We both did airbrushing. She was professional, prompt and did a fantastic job! She returns calls quickly, could not have been more flexible and accommodating. I have never had my makeup done like this before but will absolutely use her in the future for formal events. What a fabulous job. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Pam was!"

  • Anonymous (6/23/2013 )

    "Pam was wonderful - responsive, prompt, and of course did a fantastic job on the makeup. I received many compliments. She even went to the mall the day before my wedding, on short notice, to get me the lipstick for the day. Highly recommend!"

  • Katie (10/19/2012 )

    "Pam did such a great job with my makeup and everyone in my wedding party. Our hair took longer than expected but Pam got all of our makeup done ahead of schedule and it came out great. It lasted the whole night, even through the after party."

  • Sara (9/7/2012 )

    "Pam was very friendly and professional. She did my airbrush make up for my wedding. It looked amazing and stayed on all night. It was a super hot day and I was worried that my face would "melt", but the make up stayed perfect and beautiful! Some of my bridesmaids couldn't decide if they wanted their make up done or not, so Pam came early enough to accomodate them if they decided to get their make up done. She was very easy to work with and I would definitely recommend her."

  • Donna (2/2/2013 )

    "Not only is Pam an amazingly talented makeup artist, she's also a wonderful person making her ridiculously easy to work with and resulting in a gorgeous look on your wedding day. Day of she was prompt and stayed right on, if not ahead of, schedule. Can't say enough wonderful things about Pam! I still get compliments to this day on my makeup and my bridesmaids makeup. Why are you still reading this review???? Go call Pam!"

  • Miriam (8/25/2012 )

    "My make-up for my wedding was absolutely flawless. The flexibilty to fit my needs was effortless. Will do it again a million times more."

  • Megan (4/21/2012 )

    "She did my makeup for a photo shoot and she did an amazing job! I wish I had known about her before I book my makeup artist for my wedding because I would have most definitely booked her instead. She made me feel beautiful and I would recommended her to all my friends and family. I hope that there comes another time where she can do my makeup."

  • Courtney (10/2/2010 )

    "Pam made me look exactly how I wanted for my special day!"

  • Danielle (7/11/2014 )

    "When searching for a makeup artist for my wedding honestly I was looking to not spend a lot of money. There were things for my wedding I was willing to splurge on, but makeup wasn't one of them. Pam was extremely affordable and the best part is you would've thought I did spend the crazy amounts of money by looking at her quality of work. I will start with the makeup trial! She came to my house, brought a professional chair and lighting. We weren't sure which eye shadow to go with so she did a trial of both...yes both. The trial was fun, easy and she made us laugh! Pam was a down to earth, get to know you kind of person. She made you just feel comfortable, and not rushed either (even though I think she had a wedding later in the day to do makeup for). She really knows how to manage her time. A few days after my trial I had a concern so I emailed her. Within a few hours I got a CALL from her regarding my concern. She put my mind at ease. On my wedding day she arrived 15 minutes earlier than I asked her to be there so she could set up and be ready. During the course of the 4 hours of applying makeup she talked with each girl who came to her chair and got to know them-while still applying makeup and doing an extremely effective job. Our limo was late and Pam did everything she could to help me relax plus call our venue etc. to get our wedding planner. I highly recommend Pam as your wedding makeup artist. Thanks for making my wedding morning beautiful Pam!"

  • Anonymous (10/30/2013 )

    "Pam was great she went above and beyond to make sure me & everyone in my wedding party n my mom looked great even tho I was her 2nd wedding that day in a different state!!"

  • Anonymous (6/2/2013 )

    "Great make up artist and very skilled at what she does. especially vintage style make up."

  • Anonymous (4/3/2015 )

    "I had used Pam for a trial for another event a year or so before my wedding and knew I HAD to have her for my wedding. Unfortunately she was going on vacation and was unable to do my make up. I tried to look for other make up artists and just was not satisfied. It was so bad that my maid of honor even tried to do my make up and I still just wasn't happy. Pam knew how important her role was in my big day and she decided that she had to help me and she changed her plans and came to do my make up anyway even though she would be leaving for vacation immediately after. That is customer service/dedication! I was so excited!!!! She does such an amazing job and gives you tips along the way as to what works best, little how-tos and she is just so personable! Every single person in my bridal party loved her! It was like we had been friends for years. She made us all feel comfortable, including the children! Do not look any farther than KissAndMakeup for your big day! Your make up is a huge part and Pam will make sure to do everything in her power to make you look and feel more beautiful than you could have ever imagined! The best part is that I thought I would look like I had a ton of make up on and I didnt! Her make up is stunning AND she is the eyebrow queen! I cannot thank her enough for such an amazing job!"

  • Elyza (4/19/2015 )

    "Pamela was so easy to work with. She was flexible easy to contact and made the stress of looking perfect not seem so daunting. I used airbrushing which felt light and easy all night. She and her fellow makeup artist were prompt and even finished early even though there was 8 of us."

  • Rachel (10/13/2013 )

    "Pam was the only makeup artist that I found who was all of the following: kind, polite, responsible AND incredible at what she does. She wasn't rude to me like all of the other people I spoke with and, in fact, she was completely the opposite! She was so pleasant and easy to work with. She did such amazing work and was so fun to be with that two of my bridesmaids who hadn't originally signed up to have makeup done the day of my wedding ended up staying with her to have her work on them as well. She is hardworking and so dedicated to her business that it's truly impressive. I HIGHLY recommend that you hire Pam for any upcoming events. It doesn't get better than her!"

  • Ashley (5/6/2015 )

    "After three failed makeup trials for my wedding, Pam stepped in to save the day. She actually listened to what I wanted and gave me the minimalist look I asked for. Me and my bridesmaids were thrilled with Pam's services and will definitely use her for future events. Thanks Pam!"